Si Vis Pacem 2014
French simplified binding with leather spine, rolled leather headbands,
leather onlays and white foil tooling.

Back to the Front 2015
Concertina binding with cover of Canson paper
with onlaid leather and white foil tooling.
In Collection of State Library of Qld, Brisbane
Redland Gallery Collection, Redland Bay, Qld,
Janet Holmes a Court Collection, Perth

Makes No Sense  2015
Pamphlet with leather covers and soft leather spine.
Red acrylic paint added to natural holes in the skin.

The Legacy of Silence 2016
Simplified binding in black and white French faux leather

The Legacy of Absence and Silence 2016
Binding for book of multiple concertinas in French faux leather

Red lips are not so Red 2007
Concertina structure with covers joined by vellum tapes
Canvas covers hand printed with relief ink and Acrylic
Collection of Art Gallery of  New South Wales Library

The Battle Within 2007
Concertina with silk covers and inlaid laquered crushed eggshell panels
Collection of State Library of Qld, Brisbane.

The Philosophy of Epictetus 1997
Exposed sewing onto ribbon tapes, Linen cover with
recessed needlepoint panel

Undiscovered Texts 2009
Simplified binding, Kangaroo Leather spine, Japanese paper cover, black foil tooling.

White Gloves 2009
Simplified Binding, Kangaroo Leather spine, Buckram 'library style' covers,
inlaid cut vellum panels

A Rebours (Against Nature) 2009
Single sheet raised cord binding
Single sheets sewn onto exposed raised cords, boudn in buckram with inlaid Balsa wood.

Time Travel 2009
Codex format with concertina pages
Digital print covers with partial leather cover across spine.

Time Travel II 2010
Simplified style binding, perspex boards with collaged white leather
and underlying digital print, blind title.
Second Prize, The JCA Steel Bookbinding Competition, Sydney.

The Thermodynamic Arrow of Time 2010
Simplified binding with kangaroo leather spine, 
Silk covers, kangaroo leather onlays reflecting aged disintegrating rails of
the old Hornibrook Bridge at Redcliffe.

Hazel 2010
French Simplified binding, kangaroo leather spine, 
Kangaroo and Japanese paper covers, Blind onlaid title.

The Pleasure of the Text 2011
Exposed sewing on raised rolled leather cords
with cover of Lamali paper and ink design.

The Thirty Six Views of the Eiffel Tower 2011
Simplified binding in goatskin with ink drawing and leather onlays

Illumination 2011
Adapted Secret Belgian Binding with fishing line and goatskin edges
Cover and spine in coloured perspex with engraved drawing.

That Unbearable Lightness 2012
Perfect type binding with flexible leather spine which
opend back on itself, paper cover, rolled leather ties.

The River City II  2012
Simplified binding style with Japanese paper under onlaid leather spine, 
leather headbands and onlaid leather title.

Sydney Frank Davies 2012
Simplified binding style with leather spine and onlaid 'papier cuir' 
over Spanish marbled paper by Vi Wilson.

Absence 2013
Simplified French binding with soft leather spine and covers of Lamali 
paper/fabric and collaged Lamali (Fabric side up), leather onlays.

Pressed 2013
Simplified binding with leather spine and headbands.
Cover of cork veneer and leather with onlaid vellum and rubbed pencil etchings,
attached linen thread and vellum.

Firewood 2013
Simplified binding with leather spine.
Cover of  'papier bois' and hand marbled paper with leather onlays.

Alphabetical Fragments 1996
Book with decorative spine binding inserted into cover of wood, 
sandblasted glass and brass hinges